Mandarin MiniCon

Mandarin's free bi-annual, family-friendly, pop-culture event hosted by Mythical Mountain and Candy Keane! ​

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Mandarin MiniCon was born when Candy Keane from Three Muses Clothing met Kathy Dellaire from Mythical Mountain. Both retail shops in the Mandarin Square Plaza wanted to bring more awareness to their location.

Kathy asked Candy if she wanted to do an event. Candy said, “Yes, there’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, but it may sound kind of crazy.” Kathy said, “I love it, let’s do it.” And the rest is history.

The two businesses partnered together and invited other local vendors to be part of the event. Plans quickly grew to include a cosplay contest, food trucks and performers. All with a focus on keeping things free, fun and family-friendly.
The first event went so well that MMC is now a regular bi-annual, one-day event that continues to evolve and bring together fans of comics, video games, anime and more. While small, MMC and its hosts have a lot of heart and passion for the industry and its fans. We’re also fans ourselves!

We want everyone to have a fun and safe time while here, and only hope to see MMC grow more in the future. 

We look forward to seeing everyone at our next event!


  1. Candy Keane
    Candy Keane
    Cosplayer, Mom and Maker of Things. Jedi Junkies cover girl. Being Wonder Woman is my day job.
  2. Mythical Mountain
    Mythical Mountain
    Your quest for treasured toys, comics and collectible begins at Mythical Mountain!



Parking is very limited on the day of Mandarin Mini. We highly recommend parking at in the large parking lot next to McDonald’s on Loretta Road, which is a short walk to Mandarin Mini-Con. Parking is prohibited at the following locations, and you may towed.

  • Berkshire Hathoway Real Estate Office
  • Avis/Budget spaces
  • Jimmy Johns

Please be mindful that parking will fill up quickly so have alternative plans in place if there are no more spaces available.
We recommend receiving or having a ride to Mandarin Mini Con. The parking lot will be set up to host all our Vendors and their tables or tents., and our food truck.
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