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THEME: Alice in Winter Wonderland

Everyone know what happens when Alice falls into the rabbit hole, and ends up in Wonderland. In our story, she falls again...only this time it is Winter! How does Alice adapt to this winter-weather change, and what type of characters will she meet along the way?

Show us your best interpretation of Alice and her unique cast of characters with a Winter Holiday twist, and get a chance to win cash prizes or tickets to local cons.
Pre-registration is highly recommend. Spaces are limited, and fill up very quickly prior to our event.

Adult Division (ages 13+ and over): 1st Place, 2nd Place, 3rd Place
Junior Division (ages 12 and under): 1st Place
3 Judges Choice Winners (Judges can choose from either division)
Groups: 1st Place
*Groups entries consist of 2 or more people. Judging will be as a group, and prize will be shared amongst the group members.
Your costume can be any type, character or genre, but must be based on Mandarin Mini-Con’s current theme (Alice in Winter Wonderland). Our judges will make their decisions based upon the following criteria:

Are you in character?

Outfits personally made or assembled will rate higher than fully purchased ones.
How well your costume correlates with our theme.

Our cosplay contest is open to everyone, including vendors! For more information please email .
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