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Mandarin's free bi-annual, family-friendly, pop-culture event hosted by Mythical Mountain and!



There is a $15  fee for tent spaces (downstairs) and $10 for tables spaces (upstairs). This fee goes towards our cosplay contest prizes. Fees are non-refundable; there will be no refunds for cancellations or no shows.


Payment information will be forwarded to you once your application is accepted. Please do not send payment until you receive an email from us approving your attendance.

Your registration is not confirmed until payment is received. As soon as we receive it, you will receive a confirmation email, and your business will be officially added to our approved lists of vendors. You will be promoted on our website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

Payment options include:

  • Paypal – Email kathy@mythicalmountain under “family/friends”
  • Money Drop-off – Pay in person at Mythical  Mountain (cash or credit card accepted).


Tent Spaces:  $15.00 Donation Fee

Tent spaces are located downstairs and require a 10×10 canopy (maximum). Your canopy must have straight legs, so that your canopy is 10×10 at the top and the bottom. In an effort to accommodate as many vendors as possible, we are unable to accept larger canopies, or 10×10 canopies that have legs that project outward. If your canopy does not fit in the space provided, we may have to ask you to remove it.

Table Spaces: $10.00 Donation Fee

Table spaces are located upstairs and require a 6ft table (maximum). If you would like more than one table, you will have to  pay for $10 for each space required. Please note this in your request.

We do not pre-assign table or tent spaces. They are assigned upon arrival - first-come, first-serve. If you have a specific request, please include that in your registration form, and we will try to accommdate it if possible.

Mandarin Mini-Con has a very limited number of  tent and table spaces available, and spots fill up quickly. If you’re unable to get a space at this MMC event, we will place your name on a waiting list and contact you as soon as a spot becomes available.


All vendors are required to bring their own supplies, including tables and/or tents. This also includes: tablecloths, chairs, gridwall, and any other  supplies required to set up your booth space.  Mythical Mountain is unable to provide tables, tents, or chairs for your space, so please come prepared.


There are a very limited amount of outlets available both upstairs and downstairs at our venue. When filling out the registration please specify if you will need an electrical outlet. You must provide your own extension cord(s).  These spaces are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, and must be requested at the time of registration.



Because we have a limited number of vendor spaces available, we have to also limit the type of vendors to artists, authors, illustrators, arts/crafts, etc. Due to space limitations, we are unable to rent spaces to commercial businesses and/or businesses that resell items including, but not limited, to: clothing/costumes, toys, books, comics, novelty items, etc.​

We may also restrict the number of similar types of vendors so that we can offer a diverse and unique variety of items at this event. Keep in mind Mandarin MiniCon is a pop culture, anime, and comic book slanted event.  We recommend that your products fall in line with the convention's branding.

This is a family friendly event, and there will be underage attendees. No 18+ material can be displayed on your table for attendees to see. Please keep any 18+ rated material in a closed marked binder for adults to look at, upon request. If Mythical Mountain employees see any 18+ material openly displayed on your table you will be asked to remove it
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Parking is very limited at MMC. We request our vendors to park in the front parking lot for unloading only. After you’ve unloaded, please move your vehicle behind the building (spaces available first-come, first serve), or park across Loretta Road at the McDonald’s parking lot (short walk). Please do not park in the front lot in order to allow more parking for our attendees.

Vendors can arrive as early as 8:00 AM. Please be set-up and ready to sell by 10:30 AM.
Mandarin Mini-Con is an outdoor, rain or shine event. Please be prepared for unpredictable Florida weather.